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How are other folks with static sites handling comments? Trying to get off Disqus… #webdev

I had high hopes for Far Cry 5. The original premise was bold, but apparently they just couldn't bring themselves to actually exploring it -

The Guardian has an article on evocative LARP that explores political problems, including Haluat hisar, which I participated in -

Mastodon is a better replacement for Twitter than Facebook, but glad to see that people wanting to are finding better options -

Liking Mastodon, but still kinda stuck on ? Try Twidere, it can handle both at the same time.

You should probably follow EFF's guide and opt out of Facebook's API sharing - especially if you don't understand what that means. Do read the caveats, though.

If you're honoring Dr. Hawking's ideas, perhaps consider his thoughts about our economic future:

"If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed."

- the dog woke us up early
+ came up with an idea for a paper and solved a problem with another one while laying in bed

"The world now has 2,043 billionaires, --. The group of mostly men saw its wealth surge by $762 billion, which is enough money to end extreme poverty seven times over," -

"'Blockchain' is meaningless".

As a long-time friend of definitional problems, I like this summary:

“It’s difficult to have a conversation about advancing a technology or using it when we all mean different things when we speak about it.”

The Verge has a thorough article on Elbakyan, who runs Sci-Hub, open access and academic publishing in general -

Here is the final result using the technique shown in the MWE I posted earlier:

First draft of a visualisation I have created for my PhD thesis. It shows the relative influence of scientific fields on one another and which journals are most influential within their fields. See how highly ranked (or otherwise) your favourite field/journal is! 🎓

Not completely finished but all core functionality is there. Feedback is very welcome!

Consider becoming a doctoral student if...

You liked the constant financial insecurity of being a student but thought that the academic requirements just weren't difficult enough for you.

Advice for new researchers:

When sending out articles for conferences, check that you DON'T include your name right at the top if they ask for an anonymized submission. I've seen this mistake almost every time when reviewing for conferences.